Street Fighter: New Legends

In the realm of the Street Fighters, much has changed.

In the last tournament, the man known as Bison, the merciless dictator of the organization known as Shadoloo sought to bring the world to its knees through terror and force.

The Warrior Ryu, who had been trained by the great Gouken, journeyed across the globe fighting friend and foe alike to make his way to Bison and challenge him.

Many a mighty blow was traded as the battle raged on, but both knew that one would eventually fall to the might of the other. And in the end, one fell indeed.

Ryu was victorious, as Bison had finally met his equal..... or perhaps even his better. After being imprisoned by the United Nations as a World Threat, Bison's shame and defeat made the fires of vengeance and rage burn ever hotter and brighter within him. From his prison cell, he began to put together a new plan, one that would not only return him to power in Shadoloo, but crush his enemies as well.

This plan was put into motion upon Bison's escape. He reassumed control over Shadoloo after he had deposed the one who had usurped his throne during his imprisonment. And now, he has decided to waste no time in crushing every possible threat to him that exists.

Ryu has mysteriously disappeared. No one knows what has become of him; some say that he has gone on a spiritual journey. Some say that he trains his own students on a mountaintop, far away.

Some say that Bison has already wrought his vengeance upon him, and that the rest of the World Warriors are next.

But they do not stand alone. Many of the world's fighters, newcomers and veterans alike, are joining forces to bring down Shadoloo once and for all. From all walks of life these new warriors emerge, making the stand to combat evil. Due to this, Shadoloo has been forced to redouble its efforts and breed its own fighters.

And now, the stage has been set for legends to be made and heroes to be born.

Will you become one of these New Legends?

This page is under major construction right now, but here's a taste of things to come!

Beginning Materials

Character Sheet ~

Profile and Combat Sheet ~More useful and convenient than those dreadful combat cards. Speeds up play.

Hexmap ~Personally, I don't use hexmaps, but they work for others, so why not you?

Combat Cards ~ *groan* Well, this is supposed to be a complete resource page, so here they are. Good luck.

Campaign Resources

Warrior's World by Ewen Cluney ~A great fan-authored netbook that, IMHO, enriches and expands the world of Street Fighter. An invaluable resource that no Storyteller should be without.

New Legends
~VERSION 2.0 My own personal campaign setting, intended for high-level players but can work for beginners as well. Includes a short fiction introduction, new player styles, new maneuvers, and other stuff.UPDATE! Now includes complete listing of player styles, amended rules for Destructive Block, and descriptions for Special Tournaments and Arenas. Plus Pride of the Art as a new background.