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Rating System:

AAAAA=This is some of the best stuff around. In fact, why are you wasting your time surfing the net? You should go out and get this RIGHT NOW.

AAAA=A great piece of work. Definitely worth the time.

AAA=Good stuff, but you might want to see if you can rent this or borrow it from someone first.

AA=Decent at best. Definitely a rent or borrow first.

A=Avoid like a particularly nasty strain of Strep A.


Anime Review

El-Hazard The Magnificent World

(Shinpi no Sekai El Hazard)

Rating: AAAAA

Summary: Makoto Mizuhara was just your ordinary Japanese high school student, with a sort-of-girlfriend, an alchoholic homeroom teacher, and a student body president who for some reason hated his guts.

Okay, make that an ordinary high school student as far as anime goes.

Well, all this changes once he and the abovementioned crew get sucked into El-Hazard. There they

Bar none, this is the best series I've seen in my five+ years of anime fandom.

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